As early as 1977, attorney-at-law and tax accountant Dr. Friedemann Dörfelt laid the foundation stone of the future professional partnership and set up a law office as a single attorney in the town of Henstedt. A few years later, attorneys-at-law and notaries Horst Schumacher and Hans-Peter Grützner joined the founder of the law office and gave the professional partnership its current name.


Dr. Dörfelt Schumacher Grützner und Sozien (and Partners) is thus one of the firmly established law firms not only in Henstedt-Ulzburg, but also in the surrounding area north of Hamburg. The expansion of the law firm is closely related to the rapid growth of the Hamburg metropolitan area and was the reason for the firm's 1990 move to the stately law office building on Hamburger Strasse, centrally located across from the city hall and in close proximity to the railway station.


Heute sind im Gebäude an der Hamburger Straße in der Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft Dr. Dörfelt, Schumacher, Grützner und Sozien insgesamt 9 Rechtsanwälte und 4 Notare sowie etwa 20 Mitarbeiter tätig.

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