mission statement

mission statement

Our competence is based on specialization: each attorney of our partnership is focusing on certain fields of law and pursuing continuous education, as documented, inter alia, by the titles of specialized advisor and specialized attorney. In nearly every field of law, we are able to provide first-rate professional advice and advisory care.


We are seeking quick success – but not at any cost. Good advice by an attorney is farsighted and focuses on the key lines of argumentation even before any legal dispute materializes. In fact, the best legal dispute is the one that was avoided. Clients expect from their attorney straight talk and an unequivocal position – even prior to going to court. Not everything that can be enforced under the law does also make sense financially. Our clients rightly place their trust in our expertise.


We represent the interests of our clients nationally and, if needed, in matters of international relevance as well. However, our roots are within the region. Our clients cherish their direct contact with us. Direct cooperation in a spirit of trust is the prerequisite for mutual success.


We are convinced that a working environment of mutual trust not only is the best motivation for our employees and the prerequisite for outstanding performance but also reflects on the outside world. Whoever has been our client knows that we do our work with enthusiasm without ever forgetting its seriousness. Social responsibility is part of the self-image of our profession. The partnership is an active founding member of the civic foundation Bürgerstiftung Henstedt-Ulzburg and supports other social institutions.

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